Career Development in Community

Fast Track Your Career,
Own Your Leadership,
Design Your Future.

Career Development in Community

Fast Track Your Career,
Own Your Leadership,
Design Your Future.

Career Development in Community

Fast Track Your Career,
Own Your Leadership,
Design Your Future.

Life is too short to wait for a promotion.

You want to be recognized for your potential, find your purpose, move forward in your career and live a vibrant, authentic, meaningful life.

Who is helping you get there?

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You know you have a lot to offer, but no one seems to ‘see’ you. You are optimistic and have big dreams but you feel anxious about important decisions, uncertain about the future, afraid to fail and under pressure to be successful.

There are hundreds of books, courses, and other resources out there on all these subjects…but even if you had time to take all that information in, how do you know what’s right for YOU?

What if you get it wrong? What if you miss out on the promotion or miss the best next steps in your career?

It’s all a little overwhelming, isn’t it?

The good and bad news is that there is no one right way to achieve your full potential, find fulfillment and enjoy success.

And whether or not you see yourself as a leader, determining your purpose, defining your values and developing essential leadership skills is the surest way to stand out, build a meaningful life and make a difference.

Find YOUR path in the Made Maverick Career Advancement Community.

Be part of a group that believes in you and sees your potential.

The Made Maverick Community is a members-only online space where you will:

  • identify your strengths
  • sharpen your skills
  • build your confidence
  • expand your network, and
  • maximize your potential

TOGETHER with a group of dynamic people who will challenge you, encourage you, inspire you and support you.

How? Through micro-learning you can access from your phone, daily learning and discussion on the app, group coaching calls and a growing library of targeted resources.

At your fingertips, at your own pace, focused on what is most beneficial to you…you’ll have what you need to create the career of your dreams by investing just 10-15 minutes each day.

Your Made Maverick Membership

Be a part of something bigger. Meet new people both virtually and in person.

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Build relationships with leaders from all different sectors and organizational levels. Join a community of maverick leaders, like you, who will encourage you and keep you accountable on your leadership journey.


Great performers and athletes all hire coaches. Leaders are no different. You will have access to our expert coaches through group coaching sessions to help you navigate your leadership journey and process your most painful leadership challenges.


Leadership Essentials is a two-month guided program covering the core skills of leading yourself and others. In the first month, you will assess your leadership fitness, define what success means to you, develop the habits that support your success and get clear on your superpowers (strengths).


We've distilled 61 courses, 837 business/leadership books, 25 years of consulting, a decade of mentoring, and a Master's in Organizational Leadership into simple, powerful lessons so you can create your unique Leadership Growth Path to fast-track your future success.



We believe in enjoying life along the journey. That's why we have an entire topic dedicated to "Live Juicy" at Made Maverick. We want you to squeeze every drop out of life and live it to the fullest!

Made Maverick Will Be Opening to New Members Soon...

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Your Success Plan

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Sign Up

For the Made Maverick Leadership Community and get involved.

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In the Leadership Essentials Program.

Confindent Leader


Your confidence, influence and effectiveness.

You Are Made Maverick!
Are you ready to be you?

Mavericks are:
  • Unique
  • Responsible
  • Independent
  • Difference-makers

You are Made Maverick when you realize you are MADE uniquely you, one of a kind with your own superpowers.
You are Made Maverick when you take responsibility for your leadership and life as you develop your superpower to become the best version of yourself.
You are Made Maverick when you adopt a Maverick Mindset by thinking and acting independently, not settling for the status quo or someone else’s definition of who you should be.
You are Made Maverick when you are energized by different-ness, not simply to be different but because you want to make a difference.

Own your leadership. Experience personal and career development in a new way.

Invest in your career development and your future with Made Maverick

Community Member Feedback

John Headshot 1
John Darnell
"I became interim CEO for an organization facing several crises. Genuinely, I didn’t know where to start as our board was a mess, distrust was rampant on our staff, and we were hemorrhaging money. Now three years later as CEO...
our board is an asset to our organization and future, the staff is healthy and growing, and the success in fundraising the past three years erased the deficit spending of the prior five years. However, working with Scott has been about so much more than just outcomes and a healthy organization. I’ve learned how to cast vision and lead change. I’ve become confident in who I am as a leader. I look forward to my coaching sessions because I always leave confident, clear-headed, and with a next step towards where I want to go and who I want to be. I’ve been a part of this community and experienced the impact of 1:1 Coaching from Scott, I cannot recommend being a part of this community enough.”
“I started as a Community Member before I became Community Manager! I truly believe in the power of this community for transformation – because I lived it. Brighton was a major player in learning myself...

more targeted leadership skills, and feeling empowered in my unique leadership style. In this community, I had other leaders who offered insight, coaching, feedback, and support. The more I aligned my leadership to my values, the more skills I learned and practiced, and the more support I received, the more I saw success – at work, but also in my personal life! One of the best decisions I made in my life and career was to join this community.”

Jamie headshot 1
Jamie Morriss-Benoit
Clint Headshot 1
Clint Beilke
"You belong here! For the practical support. Deep sense of community. And most importantly, you belong in this community where you can be your authentic self as you grow in your leadership. We like to have fun...
learn from seasoned professionals, and engage in meaningful conversation all at the same time! I knew I had something to contribute. That my insights would be valued. And, hey, even my own quirky sense of humor was appreciated. When you join this community, you’ll find others who care about leading well in their own unique way, and that makes all the difference.”
"My leadership journey can be defined as BD/AD. Before Donna & After Donna. Her ability to listen beneath what I am saying, synthesize my thoughts, and help me craft a life-changing plan has transformed my leadership and my life."
Kourtney Headshot 1
Kourtney Street
Kirk Headshot 1
Kirk Botula
“The best part of this community is the learning and growth that happens. It has been a great experience to give back, mentor other leaders, and contribute ideas and insights...
There are so many opportunities to support each other in learning and development. There is no other place quite like this community within the leadership development space.”

While you're waiting for your invitation, try this FREE offer:

Join us for the 5-day Purpose Challenge

Do you know YOUR powerful personal purpose?

Maybe you have an idea, but you haven’t put it into words and fully owned it.
What would it mean for you to experience an increase in your confidence?
How would it feel to be clear in your direction?

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